Nov 18, 2012

So Hour One features progressively danker (see, in this case, extremely lysergic) riffs. Hitting a terrifyingly chill breed of bar-friendly sing-along hippie rock with Purling Hiss, we go on to research this recent  60s spin-off band's THING with the Pretty Things. Take a trip back to the 60s. It's gotta be real. This is a great moment to pump up The Q from Ann Arbuhrrrr. A trio of (semi-deranged) 60s rock enthusiast/nihilists. Scariest most psychedelic thing I've ever witnessed was their show this past summer at Luther Fest. Drum kit in the center of the packed room. I took a spot behind the bass player and did my best go-go dancing. Destruction and Booze and Guitars, baby. 

After a quick break: MORE cutesy 60s stuff but this time super dejected and from the nineties. yes. 90s 90s 90s 90s 90s 90s. The Brood... with a tale of rejection called "You Turned Your Back on Me". If you're like pressed for time, skip to the next hour for a hot track from the raunchiest new-wave-punk act in mid-80s Manhattan, Chain Gang, with the song "Are you Wearing Gold Tonight". The perfectly "squalid" single as put by the Trouser Press, is from the album Mondo Manhattan, which supposedly serves as a "chronicle [of] the Big Apple's slow slide into the void". Also, furious, repetitive guitars, and dark, danceable bass lines. File this under "maybe someday i will dj an event where people will dance". The rest of the show amounts to 80s punk comps. It probably got kind of hairy and i wasn't able to log every song. SO SORRY. The second to final track is by Ann Arbor mid-70s all-star jam team Sonic's Rendez-Vous Band with the only single they ever mixed, City Slang (recorded in 1978). Feat. Fred 'sonic' Smith and Scott Asheton. It's weird to say, but it sounds like fucking Mudhoney. The chords are fast and overdriven, the drumming is driving, and there's some keyboard pounding too. some *blistering* guitar solos. Ripping, brilliant, top gear, man. Then stick around for Bad Religion, featuring the song, Bad Religion. YOUR INDECISION IS YOUR.... BAD RELIGION. Gets cut short, unfortunately. 

Spectrum - Song for Owsley

Wobbly - Track 1 off of Wild Why 2002
Kramer - Overture of the Guilt Trip
BALL - the Road to Heaven
Purling Hiss - Midnight Man (2011)
Pretty Things - Gonna Find a Substitute
Pretty Things - Oh Baby Doll
The Brood - You Turned Your Back on Me
The Db's - We Should be in Bed
Spectrum - Liquid Intentions
Vincent Gallo - I think the Sun is Coming out Now
The Bongos - Telefoto Lens
The Untold Fables - Happy Morning
Sonic Youth - Creme Brulee
Chain Gang - Satan Cut Down

Hunters and Collectors - 42 Wheels
Chain Gang - Are you Wearing Gold Tonight
Harry Pussy - untitled 1992
Gastr del Sol - Thos. Dudley Ah! Old Must Dye Th
Jandek - Forgive Me (1981)
Destroy All Monsters - Bored
Destroy All Monsters - You're Gonna Die
The Feelies - Slip Into Something
News - Tell Me Why
Queers - I'm Useless
Queers - At the Mall
Redd Kross - Kill Someone You Hate
Sonic Youth - Nic Fit
Redd Kross - Cease to Exist
Sonic's Rendez-vous Band - City Slang
Bad Religion - Bad Religion

Oct 31, 2012

1989, a number, another summer...

"Sonic Youth may have started out determined to sound like no other band; its early clanging dirges were as rootless as anything in 1980's rock. Now, with its new catchiness, Sonic Youth has only become that much more dangerous." New York Times review of Goo (1990)

Half-way through the book, Sonic Youth's course is set for a post-Daydream Nation-success romance with a major label. ...Blast First records is a distant dream, it's 1989, the quartet brave meetings with label executives, and SST still owes the band money...  In this particular nug of Browne's 2009 book, we get an itemized catalogue of the dinner meetings with the fat cats who were playing on SY's prophesied stardom. On the one hand, SY were playing gigs at venues like the Ritz (Studio 54's old digs), selling over a thousand tickets, with 2,000 dollar guarantees - their biggest yet. But the reason why, at the dawn of the 90s, Sonic Youth looked like the top of the pre-fame crop was because the game had drastically changed. By '89, once-independent bands like the  Feelies, Husker Du, the Replacements, Green River, Minutemen, and R.E.M. had signed contracts with A&M and Warner as independent college radio-fodder labels were reducing their steam around the country. The unobvious choice of SY must be due to some marketing quant's compounding of Led Zeppelin's sales figures with hair metal and the question, What's next? (hint: rhymes with Urbana)

Video of Sonic Youth playing a no-vocals early? Ineffable Me jam (1997?). Sound ist auch gut!

Other SY news: Goofin' Records release Nov. 13: Smart Bar, Chicago 1985 live performance 4-track recording, double-LP from the Bad Moon Rising tour feat. newbie drummer Steve!

Oct 26, 2012

July 10th : Chill noise day feat. Lee, Zoogz, Don Cherry, and more....

Lee Ranaldo - Three
Liquid Sky Soundtrack - Night Club II
Exquisite Corpses from the Bunker - Corpse #7
Sonic Youth - Tamra live Nov '91
Musci/venosta - War Song
Demon Moe - Shattered Glass
Demon Moe - Something Will Rise
Zoogz Rift - Don't Go Outside
Marzfeber - Bauer

Ron Anderson - Fever Dream
Ron Anderson - The Point
Swell Maps - Midget Submarines (live) (feat. a rubber ducky/squeaky toy?? n weird sax)
Mars - Monopoly
Forced Collapse - Untitled
Jon Appleton and Don Cherry - boa
Zoogz Rift - X-ray Girls
Zug Island Quartet - The Two Beat to Health and Understanding
Boron Nuzzle - The Unstrung Marionette Cabaret

This was a real bring your records to school day. Except school was and is still out for this fat cat. This was also a "chill noise" day (check Ron Anderson, Demon Moe, and the purposefully incoherent jazz/noise group improvisation of Exquisite Corpses from the Bunker -- I read Eugene Chadbourne's explanation of the album at some point in hour one). This show demonstrates a deficit in vocals, excepting my own vocals (and Captain Beefheart's hopelessly deranged Earth Day PSA). Sorry, guys. Speaking into a big-ass mic alone in the basement of an administrative building really doesn't do much in the way of affirming your existence. So you talk as a way of affirming this to yourself. Exacerbating, riffing on your solitude. I have had many a convo about this potent sensation. Even one of the hosts at WUOM this summer who has been announcing on diff't stations for decades says that the peculiar feeling that what you are doing is hopelessly inane and silly still hasn't left him. I feel like Sam Beckett had a real appreciation for our plight as radio broadcasters...

All right, all right, the mic-time here isn't THAT cringeworthy...some of it is coherent. I get really pissed-off about an unjustified all-girl line-up in the second hour... I feel like we broached this on an episode of Ask 2 Alt Girls...

The Zoogz Rift LP i got at Graveyard Records in Hamtramck during their insane blowout moving sale.  These are slightly tamer, less Zappa-y, tracks. And X-Ray Girls is a total Gary Wilson pop jammer (but the only instruments are gtr). But what's important here folks is that Zoogz Rift switched his chosen career to that of professional wrestling and his wrestling name was The Liquid Moamo. Someone please tell me what a moamo is. Perhaps only Zoogz can. But he's dead. He left behind an album called The Diseased Confessions of Moamo Milkman (1984).

And I leave you to contemplate the gatefold image of Human Music...

Oh shit, I forgot to mention that Zug Island Quartet is an Insane Clown Posse early incarnation/heavy rock/grunge project. WOW. 1994. Didn't realize this til after the fact.

Jul 21, 2012

JULY 3rd : "I'm fine, I'm not fine, I'm fine"

So, here's a typical offering from the Afraid of Daily Living team. You didn't know there was an Afraid of Daily Living team?? oh yeah. We have 3 unpaid interns. One to troll Last Fm for "similar artists", one voice coach to make sure that my "slacker" tone hovers between "smoked a camel reg I bummed off of someone last night" and "barely audible", and one more "go-fer" who fetches me DP re-fills and  watches the board while I pee. If they aren't wearing a cool shirt with a local noise band on it, I have no choice but to send them home. And my coffee must be 170 degrees EXACTLY.  Think you make the cut? Send three letters of recommendation and a lock of your noise dude beard (or someone else's) along with a detailed narrative description of any gaps in your resume.

American Arsenals - Get off Yr Ass
Six Finger Satellite - Funny like a Clown
Wipers - No One Wants an Alien
Wipers - The Lonely One
Crayon - Pumpkin Patch
Sonic Youth - World Looks Red
When People were Shorter and Lived by the Water - My Man's Gone Now
Section 25 - Babies in the Bardo
Negative Trend - Black and Red
Noise Addict - Girlfriend

Bardo Pond - Hummingbird Mountin
Pavement - Home
Pavement - Krell Vid-User
Noise Addict - Trip
K9 Sniffies - Ladies Night
Rancid Hell Spawn - Stomach Pump Rock
Broken Water - Yanka Yagileva Underground
Flipper - Shine (live!)
Ovenmen - Do or Die Situation
Our American Cousins - Only in my Head
Crayon - Matchbox
Six Finger Satellite - Solitary Hiro
Mars - Helen Fordsdale
Suicide - Las Vegas Man
Suicide - Be Bop Kid
Ovenmen - Regan and the Reganites
Gerritt and John Wiese - final track on Panoramic Glass and Mirror
Iggy Pop - Repo Man

Below, Charlie Chainsaw of Rancid Hell Spawn. We like him. Early 90s/late 80s visionnaire!

June 27, 2012, The Local Music Show, featuring K9 Sniffies

This is not technically an Afraid of Daily Living broadcast. On Wednesday, June 27th, I hosted the Local Music Show, and while the cat's away, the mice shall play. By mice, I mean the K9 Sniffies, a band founded in the spring of 2011 by HJ Woijtowicz, two chums, and a girl he met on the internet (because she called his other band "post-ironic" in a blogpost), as a conceptual art band, the concept in question being "alcohol" and the self-hatred and recklessness of one who blacks out on the reg.  The songs are easier than pissing in the driveway. I know because I played bass with them as K2 Spliffies in their basement to 6 of our most devoted friends. Their shows are anything but consistent. But they have included Fraham ploughing through the audience with a guitar that stopped working 2 songs ago, HJ opening a beer-can upside down and not noticing, a Hairem cover, Josh's glasses hanging on for dear life from the tip of his nose, assault, both verbal and physical, between the crowd and the band, a rotating crew of temp tambourinists, as well as unquantifiable amounts of shadiness and fuck-ups. Also, check out the beginning of hour two for an exclusive on-air interview with the K9s themselves. I had them answer questions selected at random from an Amer's take-out box. Amer's - great sandwiches. Oh yeah, they're on tour RIGHT now throughout the north-east.

Nautical Almanac - Untitled
Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink - Wierd
Druid Perfume - Began as  a Piece of Mold
Universal Indians - Bought and Sold
The Hentchmen - Creepdog
Cheveu - El Tortuga (not local but on a split with Tyvek - i was confused!)
Zug Island Quartet - The Two Beat to Hell and Understanding
The Twenty Seven - Catastrophe
Tyvek - Sidewalk
Demolition Doll Rods - Go Now
Negative Approach - Friend or Foe
K9 Sniffies LIVE - Ultimate Tugboat
                            - American Pain
                            - The Jester
                            - Ladies Night
                            - The Law Breaker
                            - Park Boys
                            - The Bandit
25 Suaves - Stones Fan Nebraska
Galen - Untitled
The Fags - Live at Everette's House, Ann Arbor
Mosquito - Evil Thing Catcher (So Jad Fair and Steve Shelley wer probz not MI based when they were in this band but they are both from MI)
Violent Ramp - Pay to Skate
Necros - Search for Fame
Necros - Tarnished Words
Viv Akauldren - City Magic
Va-Vooms - Here it Comes
Memorize the Sky - Live at Context Studios, Brooklyn, 6/14/2001

L to R: Lindsay, Jarsh, the responsible one, the Hooligan, the Jester

Jun 12, 2012


Alastair Galbraith - Rivulets - 7" from 1997
Glazed Baby - Rebecca - Squeeze the Tail, Suck the Head 7"
Greater than One - Ignorance is the Agent of Fear - G- Force
Dead Machines - Dead End at Olson Street
Alastair Galbraith - This is Hard
Shockabilly - People are Strange - Earth vs. Shockabilly
Eugene Chadbourne and Evan Jones - Killbillies - Terror has some Strange Kinfolk
Proof of Utah - Betty's Pleasure - A dog, a Dodo, a Fool!
Shockabilly - City of Corruption
White Fang - Not Listening - Grateful to Shred
Sebadoh - Whitey Peach - The Freed Weed
The Bats - North by North - Daddy's Highway

Sex Police - This Town is Trouble - live at WCBN
Crayon - Forever nearly true - some 7"
Hagar and the Womb - Armchair Observer
Rusted Shut - Feelin' Bad
Coffin Break - Freebird - some 7"
The Bad Roads - Blue Girl - Blue Girl 7"
Beat Happening - Hot Chocolate Boy - Dreamy
The Urinals - I'm a Bug
The Homosexuals - Soft South Africans
The Clean - Slug Song
Nerv - I don't want to Talk about It
The Bad Roads - Too Bad
The Lyres - But if you're Happy
The Fall - An Older Lover- A part of America Therein, 1981

Jun 5, 2012


Pissed Jeans - People Person

the Quadrajets - All my Rowdy Friends are Dead

Broken Water - Practice Tape

Child Abuse - Hat and Beard

Demolition Doll Rods - African Lipstick

Couch - The Coffee Gun

Couch - Time-Travel Man

Six Finger Satellite - White Temples

Algebra Suicide - Sub Rosa

Alice Donut - Get a Job

Half-Japanese - US Teens are Spoiled Bums!

Half-Japanese - Silver and Katherine

Harry Nilsson - Gotta Get Up

Negative Trend - Mercenaries

The Adolescents - Peasant Song

The Lovedolls - Rex Smith

U.S. Maple - my heroes!!!!

Nothing People - Stick in the Mud

Pain Teens - Drowning

Nothing Painted Blue - Web Fluid

Rendered Useless - Politically Correct

Unwound - Dragnalus

Uncle Wiggly - Trust

Wolf Eyes - Track one off of Uglied (2002)

U.S. Maple - Bumpstand Guys

Versus - Another Face

Some Velvet Sidewalk - Sidewalk and Sky

Galen - track one off of side B (Hanson recs)

President's Breakfast - Mask

Daniel Johnston - Spirit World Rising

May 31, 2012


grip it at encore. features "vending machine" by rat paws. and a lot of other shit. broken water, bad indians, t. moore, calvin johnson, ... compiled by fred thomas. side a are fake songs and side b, abstract fields of sound-style n noise. i'm on side a. i'm a big fan of "Game Day/ Satanic Party" too when it comes to rat paws trax ...


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW! May 29th feat. Dj Blk Out !!!!! and he brought records.

Crust - "when i say yes" 7"
Smack Dab - "big planet" 7"
Smack Dab - "blood in my soul"
C'nts - "turn of night" 7"
Dag Nasty - "all ages show" 7"
Terry Reid - "season of the witch"
Allman Brothers - Mr. Bad request.
Bruce Haack ("madra") // Nautical Almanac (conceptual/aural education for children like you've never heard it before!!)
Rancid Hell Spawn - "pet corpse"
X - "johnny hit and run paulene"
Wipers - "potential suicide"

B.A.L.L. - "charm"
Cocteau Twins - "because of whirl-jack"
Siouxie and the Banshees - "arabian knights"
Ariel PInk's Haunted Graffiti - "ghost town"
Swans - "blackmail"
Bad Indians - "try to get by"
Ennio Morricone and Joan Baez - ballad of sacco and vanzetti pt 2
Hank Williams - half as much
Stinky Toys - birthday party
Country Teasers - stand by your man
Lena Zavaroni - my mammy (weirdness)
God Guts and Guns - god must be a cowboy
Aletha and the Memories - the worst record in the world
weird batman good life record (Enid Coleslaw - do not lend)

shelley played this band at the end of the local music show tonight...
as seen above...
Crush of the day: john doe.