Jul 21, 2012

June 27, 2012, The Local Music Show, featuring K9 Sniffies

This is not technically an Afraid of Daily Living broadcast. On Wednesday, June 27th, I hosted the Local Music Show, and while the cat's away, the mice shall play. By mice, I mean the K9 Sniffies, a band founded in the spring of 2011 by HJ Woijtowicz, two chums, and a girl he met on the internet (because she called his other band "post-ironic" in a blogpost), as a conceptual art band, the concept in question being "alcohol" and the self-hatred and recklessness of one who blacks out on the reg.  The songs are easier than pissing in the driveway. I know because I played bass with them as K2 Spliffies in their basement to 6 of our most devoted friends. Their shows are anything but consistent. But they have included Fraham ploughing through the audience with a guitar that stopped working 2 songs ago, HJ opening a beer-can upside down and not noticing, a Hairem cover, Josh's glasses hanging on for dear life from the tip of his nose, assault, both verbal and physical, between the crowd and the band, a rotating crew of temp tambourinists, as well as unquantifiable amounts of shadiness and fuck-ups. Also, check out the beginning of hour two for an exclusive on-air interview with the K9s themselves. I had them answer questions selected at random from an Amer's take-out box. Amer's - great sandwiches. Oh yeah, they're on tour RIGHT now throughout the north-east.

Nautical Almanac - Untitled
Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink - Wierd
Druid Perfume - Began as  a Piece of Mold
Universal Indians - Bought and Sold
The Hentchmen - Creepdog
Cheveu - El Tortuga (not local but on a split with Tyvek - i was confused!)
Zug Island Quartet - The Two Beat to Hell and Understanding
The Twenty Seven - Catastrophe
Tyvek - Sidewalk
Demolition Doll Rods - Go Now
Negative Approach - Friend or Foe
K9 Sniffies LIVE - Ultimate Tugboat
                            - American Pain
                            - The Jester
                            - Ladies Night
                            - The Law Breaker
                            - Park Boys
                            - The Bandit
25 Suaves - Stones Fan Nebraska
Galen - Untitled
The Fags - Live at Everette's House, Ann Arbor
Mosquito - Evil Thing Catcher (So Jad Fair and Steve Shelley wer probz not MI based when they were in this band but they are both from MI)
Violent Ramp - Pay to Skate
Necros - Search for Fame
Necros - Tarnished Words
Viv Akauldren - City Magic
Va-Vooms - Here it Comes
Memorize the Sky - Live at Context Studios, Brooklyn, 6/14/2001

L to R: Lindsay, Jarsh, the responsible one, the Hooligan, the Jester

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