Nov 18, 2012

So Hour One features progressively danker (see, in this case, extremely lysergic) riffs. Hitting a terrifyingly chill breed of bar-friendly sing-along hippie rock with Purling Hiss, we go on to research this recent  60s spin-off band's THING with the Pretty Things. Take a trip back to the 60s. It's gotta be real. This is a great moment to pump up The Q from Ann Arbuhrrrr. A trio of (semi-deranged) 60s rock enthusiast/nihilists. Scariest most psychedelic thing I've ever witnessed was their show this past summer at Luther Fest. Drum kit in the center of the packed room. I took a spot behind the bass player and did my best go-go dancing. Destruction and Booze and Guitars, baby. 

After a quick break: MORE cutesy 60s stuff but this time super dejected and from the nineties. yes. 90s 90s 90s 90s 90s 90s. The Brood... with a tale of rejection called "You Turned Your Back on Me". If you're like pressed for time, skip to the next hour for a hot track from the raunchiest new-wave-punk act in mid-80s Manhattan, Chain Gang, with the song "Are you Wearing Gold Tonight". The perfectly "squalid" single as put by the Trouser Press, is from the album Mondo Manhattan, which supposedly serves as a "chronicle [of] the Big Apple's slow slide into the void". Also, furious, repetitive guitars, and dark, danceable bass lines. File this under "maybe someday i will dj an event where people will dance". The rest of the show amounts to 80s punk comps. It probably got kind of hairy and i wasn't able to log every song. SO SORRY. The second to final track is by Ann Arbor mid-70s all-star jam team Sonic's Rendez-Vous Band with the only single they ever mixed, City Slang (recorded in 1978). Feat. Fred 'sonic' Smith and Scott Asheton. It's weird to say, but it sounds like fucking Mudhoney. The chords are fast and overdriven, the drumming is driving, and there's some keyboard pounding too. some *blistering* guitar solos. Ripping, brilliant, top gear, man. Then stick around for Bad Religion, featuring the song, Bad Religion. YOUR INDECISION IS YOUR.... BAD RELIGION. Gets cut short, unfortunately. 

Spectrum - Song for Owsley

Wobbly - Track 1 off of Wild Why 2002
Kramer - Overture of the Guilt Trip
BALL - the Road to Heaven
Purling Hiss - Midnight Man (2011)
Pretty Things - Gonna Find a Substitute
Pretty Things - Oh Baby Doll
The Brood - You Turned Your Back on Me
The Db's - We Should be in Bed
Spectrum - Liquid Intentions
Vincent Gallo - I think the Sun is Coming out Now
The Bongos - Telefoto Lens
The Untold Fables - Happy Morning
Sonic Youth - Creme Brulee
Chain Gang - Satan Cut Down

Hunters and Collectors - 42 Wheels
Chain Gang - Are you Wearing Gold Tonight
Harry Pussy - untitled 1992
Gastr del Sol - Thos. Dudley Ah! Old Must Dye Th
Jandek - Forgive Me (1981)
Destroy All Monsters - Bored
Destroy All Monsters - You're Gonna Die
The Feelies - Slip Into Something
News - Tell Me Why
Queers - I'm Useless
Queers - At the Mall
Redd Kross - Kill Someone You Hate
Sonic Youth - Nic Fit
Redd Kross - Cease to Exist
Sonic's Rendez-vous Band - City Slang
Bad Religion - Bad Religion

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