Jul 21, 2012

JULY 3rd : "I'm fine, I'm not fine, I'm fine"

So, here's a typical offering from the Afraid of Daily Living team. You didn't know there was an Afraid of Daily Living team?? oh yeah. We have 3 unpaid interns. One to troll Last Fm for "similar artists", one voice coach to make sure that my "slacker" tone hovers between "smoked a camel reg I bummed off of someone last night" and "barely audible", and one more "go-fer" who fetches me DP re-fills and  watches the board while I pee. If they aren't wearing a cool shirt with a local noise band on it, I have no choice but to send them home. And my coffee must be 170 degrees EXACTLY.  Think you make the cut? Send three letters of recommendation and a lock of your noise dude beard (or someone else's) along with a detailed narrative description of any gaps in your resume.

American Arsenals - Get off Yr Ass
Six Finger Satellite - Funny like a Clown
Wipers - No One Wants an Alien
Wipers - The Lonely One
Crayon - Pumpkin Patch
Sonic Youth - World Looks Red
When People were Shorter and Lived by the Water - My Man's Gone Now
Section 25 - Babies in the Bardo
Negative Trend - Black and Red
Noise Addict - Girlfriend

Bardo Pond - Hummingbird Mountin
Pavement - Home
Pavement - Krell Vid-User
Noise Addict - Trip
K9 Sniffies - Ladies Night
Rancid Hell Spawn - Stomach Pump Rock
Broken Water - Yanka Yagileva Underground
Flipper - Shine (live!)
Ovenmen - Do or Die Situation
Our American Cousins - Only in my Head
Crayon - Matchbox
Six Finger Satellite - Solitary Hiro
Mars - Helen Fordsdale
Suicide - Las Vegas Man
Suicide - Be Bop Kid
Ovenmen - Regan and the Reganites
Gerritt and John Wiese - final track on Panoramic Glass and Mirror
Iggy Pop - Repo Man

Below, Charlie Chainsaw of Rancid Hell Spawn. We like him. Early 90s/late 80s visionnaire!

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