May 31, 2012


grip it at encore. features "vending machine" by rat paws. and a lot of other shit. broken water, bad indians, t. moore, calvin johnson, ... compiled by fred thomas. side a are fake songs and side b, abstract fields of sound-style n noise. i'm on side a. i'm a big fan of "Game Day/ Satanic Party" too when it comes to rat paws trax ...


DOWNLOAD THE SHOW! May 29th feat. Dj Blk Out !!!!! and he brought records.

Crust - "when i say yes" 7"
Smack Dab - "big planet" 7"
Smack Dab - "blood in my soul"
C'nts - "turn of night" 7"
Dag Nasty - "all ages show" 7"
Terry Reid - "season of the witch"
Allman Brothers - Mr. Bad request.
Bruce Haack ("madra") // Nautical Almanac (conceptual/aural education for children like you've never heard it before!!)
Rancid Hell Spawn - "pet corpse"
X - "johnny hit and run paulene"
Wipers - "potential suicide"

B.A.L.L. - "charm"
Cocteau Twins - "because of whirl-jack"
Siouxie and the Banshees - "arabian knights"
Ariel PInk's Haunted Graffiti - "ghost town"
Swans - "blackmail"
Bad Indians - "try to get by"
Ennio Morricone and Joan Baez - ballad of sacco and vanzetti pt 2
Hank Williams - half as much
Stinky Toys - birthday party
Country Teasers - stand by your man
Lena Zavaroni - my mammy (weirdness)
God Guts and Guns - god must be a cowboy
Aletha and the Memories - the worst record in the world
weird batman good life record (Enid Coleslaw - do not lend)

shelley played this band at the end of the local music show tonight...
as seen above...
Crush of the day: john doe.

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